About us

Mangelsgården and Prins Christian Augusts Minde, which Mangelsgården is a part of, has performed a wide variety of functions throughout the years. The very dark and dubious years of its history are generally more well known among Oslos inhabitants, while its original grandeur is forgotten by most.

Mangelsgården was defined as a protected building as early as 1927, while the whole of 'Prindsen' block was deemed a cultural heritage in 2009.

In these elegant surroundings from the 16th century our head chef Henrik J. Henriksen presents a nostalgic Northern European kitchen gathering inspiration from traditional cooking techniques and serves them with a modern and unpretentious touch. 

With good food comes good wine. Mangelsgårdens extensive wine list focuses on classical wine regions and small, playful producers selected by our restaurant manager and head sommelier Jessica Senning. But for those who'd rather pair their food with some good cider or beer we can of course offer a wide array of alternatives.

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